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India is blessed with a diverse and produces some of the most widely consumed spices in the world. Spices are extensively used for cooking in India. In addition to adding colour, flavour and taste, consumption of spices provide myriad health benefits. Many Indian spices are used for cooking & some may even be used as a substitute for costly beauty products and even medicines. Spices mixes are very important in making a dish light up its flavors. Every region and family has their own spice mix and here are a few. People from different regions also include cooking spices along with masalas in their traditional recipes. For example, Malvani cuisine have their own masalas that they use with different spices in their delicious fish curries as well as chicken curries.Biryani Masala Powder is a spice mix that has freshly ground spices. There are totally 13 spices that have been used in this mix. Similarly, Curry Powder is spice mix that has got influenced from the South Asian Flavors. It has simple ingredients that are roasted and ground to form a smooth powder which is added into various dishes to create amazing flavors. Most spices, with some exceptions like nutmeg ? are typically dry-roasted to release their essential oils before being ground into spice mixes. You can make spice powder and spice mixes at home for a few tried and tested recipes that always yield good results. Get recipes for preparing food using authentic spice powders, like sambar, garam masala, panch phoran and more. Shop from a range of garam masala, chicken masala and nori seaweed, jaggery powder, oregano seasoning, dijon mustard, arborio rice, miso paste, Italian seasoning, or simply enter the item name in the search tab and be greeted with relevant results. We also store gluten free food to cater to your taste buds, so when you plan to try something different you always know where to go.Salezone provides you best quality and wide variety of fresh Indian Spices to make your food taste best.